Japanese Castles TA
by Mike Burbidge (g1zm0)




Title: Japanese Castles TA
Release Date: 02/14/2001
Author: Mike Burbidge [g1zm0]
Email: q1zm0
Homepage: G1zm0

Extract the .zip file to the missionpack folder under your Quake III Arena folder.

A Quake III: Team Arena map designed for teams of 3 - 5 players on each team.

Known Bugs/Omissions:
- None.

Play Information

Game Quake III:             Team Arena
Bot Match:                            Yes, .aas file included
Capture The Flag:              Yes
One Flag CTF:                  Yes
Overload:                       Yes
Harvester:                     Yes
Deathmatch:                  No


Id Software, for Doom, Quake, Quake II, and Quake3Arena, Team Arena

A huge thank you to Paul Jaquays of id software, for his patience, suggestions, and ideas,
and time he spent on this project. (I learned a great deal)

Astrocreep, for his ideas, and suggestions

MrElusive of id software, for his help in tuning the map for the bots.

L-Fire for his original help on the original ctf version of this map.

Nick Triantos for his driver writing talents =)

All the testers at id software, those at the hatlan, Ralph Evans (hat)
my kids Megan, and Mikey

Other credits:

textures and models from:

id, textures that I modified

rungy (rungy@mindspring.com) http://www.quake3mods.net/rungy/ for the most excellent waterfall,
the first time I saw this in the "gallery" map by Paul J, my jaw dropped, I had to put this into a map.

Todd Gantzler (toddg@slip.net) for the excellent plant models !, they are so versatile, I can just "plant" them anywhere =)
I am using these things in quite a few of my maps, thanks Todd !

Todd 'Mr.CleaN' Rose (mrclean@planetquake.com) for some of his fantastic textures (I am using more of his textures in a map in progress)

Lloyd Morris (WGLKM@eidosnet.co.uk) for the best grass texture I've seen yet

Yves Allaire aka "evil_lair" (yvesa@sympatico.ca) http://planetquake.com/hfx for the nice wood floor texture

A Special "Thank you" to Eri Takase who graciously allowed me to use some .jpg's of
her Japanese Caligraphy in this map:
Eri Takase Artworks
Fine Japanese Calligraphy

- Crossed Paths - Table of Contents - An Iteration of TA Hell

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